Tap4deal  is an information system that allow  merchants to post coupon information on www.tap4deal.com    and  customer can  get the  coupon by printing it  online, at KIOSK station  or scanning it by smart cellphone. It’s composed of 4 parts:

  • Central Database & Administration  System
  • KIOSK Workstation System
  • Website System
  • Mobile App
tap4deal system diagram

tap4deal system diagram

1. Central Database & Administration  System

  • The administrator can add, edit and delete all the contents in the system. All information is stored in the   central database and can be accessed and updated  in websites, KIOSK stations   and mobile apps  synchronously.
  • The  administrator can check the sales of all coupons and the profiles of customers.

2. KIOSK Workstation System

  • The KIOSK workstation is deployed in several places cross GTA  and connected with the central database.
  • It  can show dynamic ads and coupons, accept  customer registration and inquiry, and print coupons.

Kiosk Station

3. Website System

  • It allow user register and login in,check and update info, and share coupons with friends.
  • It display ads and coupons.
  • It allow merchants manage coupon  information and kiosks.
  • User can get the  location details of shops in google map  and scan or collect the  coupon information.


4. Mobile App

  • The app has iPhone、Android and Windows version.
  • It can display user’s profile and ads.
  • It can display coupon to the merchants.
  • It can interact with central database.
  • It can guide you to your destination through gps and  google map.