The Integration Management System is created with the latest technology to manage a modern company, especially for medium and small retail business. We design for our clients, a professional management system that will greatly enhance the company’s operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, expand sales markets, and also prepare your company for future expansion.

Our professional Integration Management System will form a complete set of Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, Internal Management Systems, Commodity Inventory Management System, Financial System, APP Mobile Order System, Retail Stores POS System, etc.. All systems are interconnected, and data saved directly to a central database, company managers can use the system anywhere.

We employ a team of professional and talented web-designers and developers that will implement a solution tailored for your business. We are committed to providing excellent service to help your business grow and succeed.

  • Internal Management Systems

Employee’s work performance management

Work Report (month / quarter / year)

Working profit statistics (month / quarter / year)

Attendance reports of employees

  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Order Management
  • Financial System
  • PurchaseOrder Creation
  • Stock-in (Warehousing Entry)Maintenance
  • Sales Order销售单
  • Stock-out( Delivery)Maintenance
  • Inventory盘存
  • shortageProcess
  • overageProcess
  • Supplier Management
  • StorageLocation Management
  • WholesaleAccount Management
  • Returns Management(return to the supplier)
  • Customer Returns
  • Report
  • APP Mobile Order System
  • APP Mobile Inventory System