E-commerce Training Course

E-commerce is a business activity centered on information network technology and centered on commodity exchange; it can also be understood as an electronic transaction on the Internet, intranet and value added network. The activities of trading activities and related services are the electronic, network, and informatization of all aspects of traditional business activities.
E-commerce usually refers to a wide range of commercial trade activities around the world. In the open Internet environment, based on browser/server applications, buyers and sellers do various business activities in a non-confronted manner to achieve consumer online shopping and merchants. A new business model for online transactions and online electronic payments, as well as various business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related integrated service activities. Governments, scholars, and business people in various countries have given many different definitions based on their status and the different angles and degrees of participation in e-commerce. E-commerce is divided into: ABC, B2B, B2C, C2C, B2M, , O2O, etc.
Our training courses are described below. The cost of the entire training course is: $12000.00.

1. Introduction of Online Store

2. E- commerce website strategy

3. Frontpage Design of an E-commerce

4. Setting up an Account

5. List Products for Sale

6. Adding Images

7. Configuring Shipping

8. Payment for ecommence

9. Define Shipping Zones and Rates

10. Collect Taxes

11. Adding Content Pages and Blog Posts

12. Manage Orders

13. Manage Online Store

14. Customize Online Store Website