Content Management 
CMS stands for Content Management .
A CMS can have multiple meanings depending on the scenarios and the person’s or project objectives.

The most advantage of content management  (CMS) has a complete process and rich features. Posts can be categorized and users can edit them individually.
CMS may be various, from a blog management system, a news management program, to a comprehensive article management system, all of them can be called a content management  (CMS) which manage all kinds of contents, such as: company information, service classification, product manuals, security assurance, technical instruction, sales service, image files and so on.

Our course of web development industry is teaching about CMS (Content Management)
In this course, We’ll put the emphasis on the common CMS definitions, The detail of the system design, also we can training how to modify and all in the CMS website.

The cost of the entire training course is: $13250.00

1. Introduction

2. Getting to Know CMS Platforms

3. Getting Started

4. Creating posts

5. Formatting text

6. Adding images, audio, and video

7. Creating Pages

8. Managing Content

9. Changing the Appearance of Your Site

10. Extending your website with plugins

11. Users and User Profiles

12. Configuring settings

13. Getting, and Interacting with, Readers

14. Keeping your website up to date and secure